Welcome to Success Builders
The theme for this series of Success Builders meetings is
"Money Matters" - a Three Part Series.
We are serious about your success in life and finances.
If you are wanting to see your financial position in life taken
to a new level, check out these events.
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Part 1 - Aug 20 - "Unlimited"... click here to watch this event.

Part 2 - Sept 24 - "Living Debt Free"... click here to watch this event

Part 3 - Nov 5 - "Achieving Surplus Living"... click here to watch this event

Breaking Free is all about giving people strategies that transform debt into wealth.
7:00 pm every Tuesday night - Nov 7 - Nov 14 - Nov 21 - Nov 28

In this 4 week course you will learn:
     *  How to budget, and be in control of your money.
     *  How to tithe and save.
     *  About credit scores and how lenders take advantage of people.

This series will help you break debt and build wealth one step at a time.
The cost of $35 per couple/individual includes your course book.
The course will be held at Home Church - Red Deer location.

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Previous Events:

Watch Our  May 28th Meeting with
former NHL player, Laurie Boschman.
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See our previous meeting on April 9th with Debbie Bolton

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See April 5th video...

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“Get a Grip” – Your Handle on Life 
Your Business – Your Future!

We want you to move into a GREATER PROSPERITY in 2017.  


See Our past event - Jan 8th,
Click on the link here to view this event.
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12 Business Professionals Present
"Advice that Really Matters"

The principles you will learn will guide you in the decisions you will need to make in 2017. 


December 4th Meeting

“Get Ahead – Stay Ahead”

We set up three separate labs for three distinct groups within the Success Builders group. 

Session #1  "Success or Significance?"
with Mike and Debbie Bolton
This session is targeted for professional people in business, government etc. 

Session #2  "From Here to There"
with Troy Walker and Daryl Shenner
This session is targeted to established business owners. 

Session #3  "Dream – Decide – Do"
with Ryan Gaunce and Garth Epp
This session is targeted to entrepreneurs and sales people.


"What's the Difference"
October 30th, 5:30 pm

Mel Mullen_.jpgYou will discover why some people succeed while others in the same industry and same economy are not successful.

Together we will map out the steps you can take for your greater success.

Tell your business associates and friends and make a plan to bring them with you.

Be Blessed... Mel Mullen

SB-Kids.jpgDon't Forget About "SB Kids" - Special class for them to learn valuable lessons on success building.